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After the closing of CHEC and CACDC, CEF recognized a continuing need for supplemental college and career programming for the Chester community. Based on their 30-year history of partnering with multiple organizations and providing educational support services, it was a natural fit for CEF to continue and expand the work of the CACDC.

The Jetter Center is named in memory of Marie Jetter and in honor of her daughter, Cynthia Jetter, who drove the creation of CHEC and the CACDC in her role as the Director of Community Partnerships and Planning at Swarthmore College's Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility (Lang Center). Cynthia’s work was inspired by her mother Marie, a lifelong Chester resident, who passed away in 2015.



Creating an Environment where Post-secondary Education is Achievable for Everyone!


The College and Career Center connects the Chester Upland Community to post-secondary learning opportunities by providing information, encouragement and college access services to students, families and adult learners.


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