After-school Programs

Our overall goal is to decrease dropout and increase educational achievement, including on-
time graduation. The objectives of our school-based programs are to: increase student achievement in reading, writing and mathematics; improve school-related attitudes, behaviors and skills; increase
parental involvement and increase graduation and postsecondary enrollment rates of


Directed by Gerald L. Rocha

Students in this Magnet School are engaged in an extended day academic program that includes Math, Science, Technology, STEM TV, Robotics, Language Arts, Tutoring, Credit Recovery, College Readiness, SAT/ACT and ASVAB prep. Students participate in at least one hour a day of project-based, innovative STEM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with partners from Widener University for Bio-medical Engineering, Swarthmore College, brings Bridge building and Solar Cars activities. Drexel University Academy of Natural Sciences provides two 10-week sessions related to animal
biology and physics at each school. Live animals and hands-on demonstrations involved students in creative ways that enhanced their understanding of the science principles and environmental issues that are incorporated into the curriculum that they have studied in their
school-day classrooms. Other STEM activities include chess, robotics, martial arts, poetry, dance, art, basketball, physical fitness and more.


Chester High After-school Program

Directed by Stephanie Scappa-Hall

At Chester High School, students participate in after-school enrichment activities and events such as, chess, The Academy of Natural Sciences from Drexel University, hip hop & ballroom dance, poetry, cooking, self-defense classes, mentoring, music and games.