Literary Access Fund Launches Grant Proccess

Literacy Access Fund, a 501(c)(3), public charity, announces its first grant award of $10,000 to the J.

Lewis Crozer Library in Chester, Pennsylvania. Literacy Access Fund secures funding from corporate, foundation, and individual partners in order to provide financial support to underfunded public libraries through a competitive granting process. The goal of the organization is to help libraries provide equal access to quality resources for young learners, regardless of economic factors.

This award will help fund the acquisition of state-of-the-art technology, particularly for young children. Carol Foster-Allen, President of the J. Lewis Crozer Library’s Board of the Directors, noted the Board’s gratitude to Literacy Access Fund for the award. “Our focus is to provide much needed services to the citizens of Chester and surrounding communities in a safe environment with caring staff. Also, our goal is to seek resources that enable us to provide a learning experience, using the latest technology available to us.”

“Funding from Literacy Access Fund will provide the opportunity to acquire resources beyond the basics, especially for children,” according to Mark Winston, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Library. “We will be able to provide technology training for young people, bridging a gap in access and preparation resulting from economic disparity, while adding substantive educational experiences for our young learners, ages 2-12.”

Deborah B. Sorgi, Ed.D., Chair, Director & President of Literacy Access Fund, shared her thoughts. “Literacy Access Fund is happy to support the J. Lewis Crozer Library as a community hub for education and a vital extension of the classroom. Dr. Winston’s technology initiatives are a welcome addition in this economically-challenged area, and we are proud to partner with this effort.” Dr. Sorgi also noted, “We will continue to identify and support deserving public libraries to help inspire their littlest members.”

For more information about Literacy Access Fund, visit or call 610-833-6411.



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Written by: 

Nicholas "Duke" Doblick

Director of Fundraising